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Motorola Solutions, Inc.

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Item 7.01. Regulation FD Disclosure

Change in Segment Reporting

During the second quarter of 2018, Motorola Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) modified its internal reporting structure to better align the way financial information is reported to and analyzed by executive leadership, in part, as a result of recent acquisitions contributing to the growth within the newly aligned Services and Software segment. Previously, the Company had two reporting segments: Products and Services. The changes in reporting structure consist of Systems Integration related revenue and costs moving from the old Services segment into the newly presented Products and Systems Integration segment and Software related revenue and costs moving from the old Products segment into the newly presented Services and Software segment.

The Company realigned its Products and Services segments into two new segments:


    Products and Systems Integration: The Products and Systems Integration segment offers an extensive portfolio of infrastructure, devices, accessories, video solutions, and the implementation, optimization, and integration of such systems, devices, and applications, including the Company’s: (i) “ASTRO” products, which meet the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Project 25 standard, (ii) “Dimetra” products which meet the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Terrestrial Trunked Radio “TETRA” standard, (iii) Professional and Commercial Radio (“PCR”) products, (iv) broadband technology products, such as Long-Term Evolution (“LTE”), and (v) video solutions, such as video surveillance cameras.


    Services and Software: The Services and Software segment includes a continuum of service offerings beginning with repair, technical support, and maintenance. More advanced offerings include monitoring, software updates, and cybersecurity services. Managed service offerings range from partial to full operation of customer or Company owned solutions. Software includes public safety and enterprise command center solutions, unified communications applications, and video software solutions, delivered both on premise and “as a service”.

For informational purposes and to assist investors in making comparisons of the Company’s historical financial information with future financial information that will reflect the realignment of its two operating segments, previously reported selected historical financial information for sales and operating earnings of the Company for the first quarter of 2018, fiscal year 2017 (including by quarter), and fiscal year 2016 has been recast to reflect the realignment of the Company’s two segments. The recast segment information, presented on a GAAP and Non-GAAP basis, is included as Exhibit 99.1.

The changes in the reportable segment structure discussed above affect only the manner in which the results of the Company’s reportable segments were previously reported. This Form 8-K does not restate the Company’s previously reported consolidated statements for any period. Nor does it reflect any subsequent information or events, other than as required to reflect the change in segments as described above. This Form 8-K, including Exhibit 99.1 should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Annual Reports on Form 10-K for the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2017 and the Company’s interim filings for such years with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Item 9.01. Financial Statements and Exhibits


(d) Exhibit


Exhibit No.



99.1    Recast Segment Information of Motorola Solutions, Inc.




Exhibit No.



99.1    Recast Segment Information of Motorola Solutions, Inc.


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Dated: August 2, 2018     By:   /s/ John K. Wozniak
      Name:   John K. Wozniak
      Title:   Corporate Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer